Who is Madame Lenormand and why she has nothing to do with our cards

The Lenormand cards are named after the famous fortune teller Madame Lenormand. Is it really their cards? In all honesty, they are not. When these cards were first published, Madame Lenormand was very famous and above all dead. She had died shortly before and what could be more natural than to use this famous name. An excellent marketing ploy. The fact is, Madame Lenormand did not use these cards, their cards are lost, we still do not know what they looked like to this day.

The marketing move worked. The cards were very popular in Germany. They have only been internationally popular in the last 10-20 years and have been experiencing a real hype for a few years because they provide great information.

There are now countless Lenormand decks. On Etsy and also in bookshops we find a rich selection. Well, not so much in the book trade, the book trade usually only sells the Blue Owl. But there really is something for every taste. The important thing is that you like the deck and that you can orientate yourself well. Since I was having trouble with this, I had my own deck printed. See my deck