Lenormand timing – Horary Astrology/ Card reading

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Lenormand timing – Horary Astrology/ Card reading

Predict the right moment – which technique works?

Sometimes we want or need to know it exactly: When does he get in touch, when do I get the approval, when do I meet my Prince Charming, when do I find my key again, when, when, when? There are different ways to determine the time with Lenormand cards, time cards or hour astrology.

How shall we do this? Can you do that with Lenormand cards? Can cards tell you exactly what happens and when? That would be great.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about curiosity. No. It is like sitting on hot coals you can find no rest. Knowing when what you want will arrive helps you to sleep peacefully.

In general, I can say that card reading is a good help in life. The cards help to stop the carousel of thoughts, we can sleep soundly again … and if necessary we can think of a plan B if what we hoped-for doesn’t come true. But can the cards also tell us precisely what will happen when?

      1. Timing cards for the months
      2. Lenormand cards indicating seasons
      3. Lenormand cards for days of the week
      4. Lenormand cards according to speed
      5. Lenormand cards which describe the moment
      6. Timing cards describing the time of the day
      7. Timing in a Grand Tableau
      8. Timing in small readings
      9. Timing decks
      10. Determine the exact time with Horary Astrology
      11. Conclusion

Finding the right time is not that easy. Let’s face it, timing is not one of the Lenormand’s strengths. If we look at the literature, we see that there is hardly a topic on which opinions differ so widely. The time units are so different that I’m speechless. The card Park indicates the afternoon or in 1-3 months. For the card tower I will find at one place soon and another place in 1 – 1.5 years.

There is simply not only one single point of view. Why? Because the Lenormand is not made for precise timings. But one thing at a time.

Nevertheless, here is the overview. The time indications per card are sometimes contradicting one another. I have compared some of the information; I myself never use the Lenormand for questions of time. There are better methods for that.

1. Timing cards for the months

In each card we find several clues for timing. If we search for the month, then we look for the card number for the months, or according to the traditional assignment. Since the assignments of the cards depend on what we have in mind while shuffling, both work. You can decide on which system you want to use with the cards. Numbering by month from 1 to 12, or the traditional assignment of months.


By card numbers

Traditional correlation


1. Rider

No 36 Fish


2. Clover

No. 7 Snake


3. Ship

No. 17 Stork


4. House

No. 22 Paths


5. Tree

No. 29 Lady


6. Clouds

No. 25 Ring


7. Snake

No. 28 Gentleman


8. Coffin

No. 13 Child


9. Bouquet

No. 10 Scythe


10. Whip

No. 24 Heart


11. Scythe

No. 6 Clouds


12. Birds

No. 4 House

2. Lenormand cards indicating seasons

It’s easier with the seasons. the sun shines a lot in summer, autumn is rainy and the lilies stand with their colour (white) for the snow and represent in one of their main meanings cold and thus the cold season of winter.



No. 9 Bouquet


No. 31 Sun


No. 6 Clouds


No. 30 Lilies

3. Lenormand cards for the days of the week

The days of the week can also be assigned. Here, too, there are 2 options – continuously numbered or according to the meaning of the day. The seven days of the week are originally named after planets. Not many are aware of this. Our culture comes from the Celts and so is Thor, the god of thunder in Thursday.


Consecutively numbered

After planets


No. 1 Rider

No. 32 Moon

Planet Moon


No. 2 Clover

No. 15 Bear

Planet Mars


No. 3 Ship

No. 1 Rider

Planet Mercury


No. 4 House

No. 9 Bouquet

Planet Jupiter


No. 5 Tree

No. 25 Ring

Planet Venus


No. 6 Clouds

No. 19 Tower

Planet Saturn


No. 7 Snake

No. 31 Sun

Planet Sun


We always have duplications here. The card Bouquet appears in the day overview and also in the month allocation with consecutive numbering. If you need them separately, you may have to number them differently. Otherwise you don’t know, the flowers mean the longed-for comes on Thursday, in Spring or in September. Normally common sense helps here but at times it does not especially when the cards tell us ‘Monday’, ‘Late’, ‘Thursday’ for example.

4. Lenormand cards according to speed

Sometimes we don’t look for seasons or daytime, the point is, does the matter happen quickly, or does it happen slowly, late, or at the wrong time.



No. 4 House

Houses are not built over night

No. 5 Tree

It takes years or even decades untill a tree is grown

No. 19 Tower

1 – 1 ½ years

No. 35 Anchor

Very slow, takes months

No. 15 Bear

Takes time


No. 3 Ship

A ship does not travel fast


No. 1 Rider

Something happens quickly

No. 2 Clover

Immidiately or now

No. 7 Snake

Quick and unexpected

No. 11 Whip

Relatively short

No. 13 Child

In short

No. 26 Mice


5. Lenormand cards which describe the point in time

At times the Lenormand doesn’t deliver a day or a week. When I ask “Will my parcel arrive on time for my birthday?”, The mice tell me that the parcel won’t arrive until after the birthday.

Describing point in time


No. 21 Mountains, No. 23 Mice

In the wrong moment

No. 14 Fox

Time is not due yet

No. 26 Book

For ever

No. 8 Coffin

In the right moment

No. 33 Key

There is still plenty of time

No. 9 Bouquet

6. Timing cards describing the time of the day

It’s a simple case. If we are sure that something will happen and it is only unclear whether it will be during the day, in the afternoon or at night, then these cards can provide information. In combination we get even more information. Child + sun is early in the morning, lilies + sun is late afternoon, child + moon is early evening. So it’s worth drawing two cards.


During the day time

No. 31 Sun

In the afternoon

Nr. 20 Park

At night-time

No. 32 Moon, No. 16 Stars

7. Timing in a Grand Tableau

For some topics, it’s best to lay out a Grand Tableau. That’s great for timing. One possibility is to assign periods to the columns in the large sheet. If we ask for 8 months and do a Grand Tableau in the layout 8×4+4, then each column stands for one month.

Not everyone handles this in the same way, either. I only lay out a Grand Tableau on the future, as a rule I am not interested in the past. It is known. This leaves all columns for the future interpretation.

So much as a rough indication. Anyone who is familiar with the Grand Tableau can narrow down the point in time very well.

However, if you want to know whether you did well in the interview and when you will get a message, a Grand Tableau is way too big.

The overview applies when the main person looks to the right. The future is always in the line of sight. This means that the future is read in different directions for a man or a woman.

8. Timing in small spreads

This is difficult in small readings. Imagine you ask “When does he get in touch?” And you get clover, rider, house. What does that tell us? It’s quick with the rider, with the clover too, with the house it looks different, because with the house it can take time.

Clover indicates as well Tuesday.

The rider on the other hand indicates Monday and January

And the house indicates Thursday and April.

How on earth do we come to a date? What do we do with “quickly, in a few months, suddenly, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, January or April”? That doesn’t really help. It is best to place only one card, the probability of finding the right time with one card is on the other side of course not overwhelming.

9. Timing decks

There are also dedicated time card decks. Wulfing von Rohr has issued a set of 33 cards to help you find the right time. These cards are helpful, but do not guarantee precise predictions. The set consists of cards for the days of the week with the planet sign belonging to this day and a number and as well cards with the Signs of the Zodiac with a number. I’ve tried to work with the deck but it’s not my thing. It doesn’t work for me, but I read in the feedback on Amazon that some are very satisfied with it. Maybe it’s because I have a reliable tool for determining times: the Horary astrology.

10. Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology – my favorite. When it comes to timing issues, nothing beats the supreme discipline of Horary astrology. In Horary Astrology we get units of time. Let us assume that we want to know

when we will receive a message about our application and the horoscope shows us “7”. Then we see if the planets are moving fast or slow at the moment, which house they are in and add a pinch of some more rules

and voilà, then we have it. Then 7 is perhaps the fastest time unit: 7 hours. If we ask the question “When will I get feedback for my application?” at 9′ clock in the evening, 7 hours is of course nonsense. At 4 o’clock in the morning hardly anyone gets a message about an application. Then the shortest time unit is 7 days.

I like to remember a Horary horoscope especially. My client Katja asked “When will I meet my Prince Charming?” Katja had been looking for a number of years already. I cast a Horary chart and was really stunned. The timing was ‘in 7 weeks’. It is of course daring to come up with “in 7 weeks” after years of searching. But it was like that, after 7 weeks he had actually appeared on the scene. The two married very quickly and, after my prognosis was a direct hit, I was invited to the wedding. Isn’t that nice.

11. Conclusion

So if you need a precise timing, then Lenormand should not normally be your first choice. The assignment to weeks, months, days, seasons and speeds are very contradictory. Clarity is something different.

Time card decks are a bit better, but I miss the nuances. But maybe it is just the right thing for you. Just give it a try.

For questions where we need to figure out the timing, only and exclusively the Horary astrology comes into question. Only if a very vague classification is completely sufficient for the point in time, the Lenormand comes into question.

With the Horary astrology, questions about exact dates can be answered reliably. Unfortunately, Horary astrology is not widely used. Who shall understand that? It always delivers amazing results. It is worth taking a closer look at Horary astrology.


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