The cards for the profession: moon, fox, anchor

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

The cards for the profession: moon, fox, anchor

In German-speaking countries, the anchor symbolizes the profession. Let’s go back to 1846, what was important then. Exactly, the job should bring a secure income. Since there were hardly any opportunities for advancement, it was all about safety.

In France, the fox is employed. The view was a little different. The fox seeks its advantage and cleverly tries to get its sheep into the dry. That fits very well too. To prove oneself in the jungle of professional life requires some cleverness.

The Lenormand was only discovered much later in English-speaking countries. At a time when security was also important, but success and recognition.

The moon shows the spotlight we want to stand in. No matter which card you choose, it works with any choice. I use the moon for my job, it corresponds much better to the zeitgeist.