Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Events: Presentations about Lenormand and Horary Astrology

You can also book me for events I like to speak at virtual conferences, in English or in German. Due to Corona we are currently limited to virtual meetings. Otherwise, of course, also for non-virtual conferences. My subjects: Lenormand, Kipper, Horary Astrology.

Would you like to switch on a fortune teller for a party or have someone with you? This is something that none of your friends have ever had as a special. Your guests can then have card readings during the evening. No problem. Write to me, I’ll tell you how that works.

Client Testimonials

Gerda – USA

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!! I very much enjoyed this! Despite thinking I know history this presentation has widened my knowledge and also understanding of cards!!

Thank you very much!!

Absolut fantastisch!!!!! Mir hat es sehr gut gefallen! Obwohl ich dachte ich kenne die Geschichte, hat diese Präsentation mein Wissen und auch mein Verständnis für die Karten vertieft!!

Vielen Dank!

Tori – Great Britain

Thanks Birgit! I really enjoyed your presentation.

Danke Birgit! Deine Präsentation hat mir sehr gut gefallen.

Mascha – Australia

I’m just mind blown by these insights into the history! Hanging onto every word here! <3

Ich bin hin und weg von den tiefen Einblicken in die Geschichte? Ich hänge an ihren Lippen!

Christine – Italy

Thank you for passing your knowledge. You were great!!!!!

Danke, dass Du Dein Wissen mit uns geteilt hast. Du warst großartig!!!!