Events: Presentations about Lenormand and Horary Astrology









You can also book me for events. I like to speak at virtual conferences, in English or in German. Due to Corona we are currently limited to virtual meetings. Otherwise, of course, also for non-virtual conferences. My subjects: Lenormand, Kipper, Horary Astrology.

Would you like to switch on a fortune teller for a party or have someone with you? This is something that none of your friends have ever had as a special. Your guests can then have card readings during the evening. No problem. Write to me, I’ll tell you how that works.




Gerda – USA

Ablsolultely fantastic!!!!!! I very much enjoyed this! Despite thinking I know history this presentation has widened my knowledge and also understanding of cards!!

Thank you very much!!

Tori – Great Britain

Thanks Birgit! I really enjoyed your presentation.

Mascha – Australia

I’m just mind blown by these insights into the history! Hanging onto every word here! <3

Christine – Italy

Thank you for passing your knowledge. You were great!!!!!