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Reading cloth

Reading cloth for Lenormand and Kipper

It all started when I searched for a reading cloth myself. I just couldn’t find anything back then. First I took a sheet of wrapping paper and drew and labeled the houses. I think you can imagine that a paper like this won’t last forever. I’m allergic to dog-ears, so I drew this over and over and over until I decided I would produce own spread cloths.

I have a creative hand, the design was not a problem and as a printing engineer I was also able to put my idea in a file, as it should be for printing. And now I offer these wonderful helpers. The first ones were made of thicker material, but my customers asked for something thinner.

Now I have them printed on not that thick, matte cotton satin.


Spread cloths simplify the interpretation of the “Grand Tableau”. Even experienced card readers love to work with spread cloths. Even if you know the houses inside out, the probability that you will miss something is much lower or even zero with a cloth.


Of course they are available in English and German. Only the Shop is mainly in German. Under options you will find what you need.

4 x 8 + 4 or 4 x 9 – which is correct?

There is no right or wrong here and so I offer both layouts. Which you layout you prefer is a matter of taste or how you learned it. Both versions are possible and both work.


I have different designs in the program, there should be something for everyone.

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Cheryl – USA 
My cloths arrived today. To say I am pleased would be an understatement. WOW! BEAUTIFUL!!
They actually exceeded my expectation in quality and appearance. I love the color fades and really
like the edging on both – subtle and yet finishes the look in a polished way. Thank you !!

Christine – Italy

The spread cloth turned out beautifully. Size and colour are perfect for my deck. Material and print
quality are great and I enjoy to use the it. Definitely I am going to buy more of these gorgeous cloths.
I just love it. On top the seller is really lovely