My card deck

Clear we need a deck. But how shall it be? What is important?

First of all you should love it but this is not all.



I had so much problems to orientate with my deck. Where was the tower, the rider … That feels really uncomfortable in a professional reading. That’s why I created my own deck. The cards clearly differ from each other just by their color and since the motif does not go to the edge, you will not be overwhelmed by the cards.


I keep seeing card decks where the directions of the cards are not clear. What does that mean for our readings? If our main characters, the gentleman and lady, do look neither to the rigt or the left,  we lose a valuable instrument of interpretation. It is essential in a partnership that our two candidates can look at each other or even turn their backs. It’s like in life, if you look each other in the eyes, that’s a good sign. If you turn your back to each other, everyone is probably doing their own thing. There are directors at a lot of cards. These directions are taken into account in my deck.

If this deck talks to you here you can get it. It is available in German and English. Lenormand Deck


Alayne – USA – Card Deck
Love this deck! Feels wonderful in my hands and shuffles easily 🙂 I love the clear pictures and the
back of the cards is just mesmerizing ! Thank you!!