Lenormand cards combinations

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Lenormand cards combinations

Why preprepared combination lists do not help

Let’s imagine Mama Martina asks how her son Tim is doing at school and she draws the cards Lily + Bear. She looks up her interpretation book and it almost hits her: “Sex with an older man”!!!

That can happen if you blindly trust interpretation books. We very often get weird interpretations when we look them up there. I did not invent the above example of Lily + Bear. That is actually in an interpretation book and mind you, there is only this interpretation. It is not one of several possible suggestions. What should be much more obvious for Martina is that her son Tim feels comfortable in school (Lilies) and is self-confident (Bear) or feels superior (To whom can not be read from just 2 cards). The interpretation that Tim respects the teacher (Bear) (Lilies) is one possible interpretation, but this does not exactly fit the question. Martina wanted to know how her son is doing, how he is feeling.

Here we can see someone who wants to interpret the cards, has to internalize the meanings and, above all, leave out the ready-made interpretations according to some mythical scheme. This can be done with a healthy dose of common sense and practice.

It all depends on the context.

If Sybille asks how her career will continue, then in this context the Moon stands for the career and hardly ever for deep experiences or dreams. With most cards we find a wide variety of terms or meanings, they can all be derived from the motif of the card, but are still very different. How do we reconcile this? The magic word again is context.

Let’s stick with our example with the Moon. What belongs to the moon. We have generally two fields of meaning:

The Moon is related to instincts, to emotions. It stands for the unconscious, like when we dream, because we sleep at night when the Moon is in the firmament. We have the following keywords:

Night, dreams, deep experiences, emotional satisfaction, passions.

On the other hand, the Moon also stands for prestige, being seen. In Shakespeare’s time, for example, the Globe Theater was built in London. This theater had no roof, sunlight and moonlight were used. The Globe wasn’t the only theater that made use of the moonlight. Moonlight was thus connected with being in the the spotlight, being the focus, being seen. This results in these keywords in the area of ​​the Moon:

Prestige, social success, stage fright, recognition, popularity, career, job, work, spotlight

In the Anglo-Saxon region, the Moon is used as a card for work and job, in the German-speaking region by way of contrast it is the Anchor that depicts these themes. In our world, which is very much about career, prestige and reputation and less about stability and finding a secure and long lasting position in life, I find the Moon definitely more suitable and so I use the Moon for the job.

Combinations in context

The Moon – combination examples

Let’s assume that Liliane has trouble sleeping. She would like to know what the next night will be and so she deals the cards and draws the cards Clouds and Moon. In the combination list I found in the mentioned book, “fear of failure”. Of course that doesn’t fit. What does the combination tell us in our context.

Moon + Clouds bad sleep or nightmares

Moon + Whip interrupted sleep, she wakes up again and again

Moon + Bouquet restful sleep

Moon + Cross with the Cross she wakes up in the morning as if worn out

Moon + Sun fantastic sleep

If we have the same combinations in a statement about profession, about work, they mean something completely different. This means that tables with ready-made interpretations do not always help.

Moon + Clouds problems at work

Moon + Whip assembly line work, repetitive work

Moon + Flowers bonus, job offer

Moon + Cross stressful work

Moon + Sun a job that makes you happy, it works great at the job

The Ring – combination examples

The Ring symbolizes marriage. At the wedding, the bride and groom put rings on their finger with the words of their wedding vows

“With this Ring I take you as my wife / my husband, I want to love, respect and honor you every day through my life, in good and bad times, in health and illness”.

From the wording it is clear that it is about commitment, a promise and not a pure declaration of intent. Through the symbolic act, the Ring stands for marriage but also for all kinds of contracts, after all, marriage is also a kind of contract.

Now let’s assume that Klaus has been employed on a temporary basis for a while and he wants to know if he will get a permanent contract soon. The combination of Ring and Scythe is of course very disappointing here, that means that the company he works for will most likely fire him and not give him the long-term contract he was hoping for. If we pull Ring + Scythe, the above-mentioned interpretation book gives us the interpretation “Woman is bound”. Hmm. Which woman one might ask. We see that this leads nowhere. If you want to become a good reader, it is necessary to understand the various meanings of the cards, then combining them is no longer that difficult.

Ring + Tower employment contract with a larger company

Ring + Whip part-time contract

Ring + Bouquet + Heart contract offer according to his taste

Ring + Fish well endowed contract

Ring + Snake unfair contract offer

We can interpret exactly the same combination in a relationship question with quite different results

Ring + Tower distance in marriage

Ring + Whip quarrel in the relationship

Ring + Flowers + Heart marriage proposal

Ring + Fish deep connection

Ring + Snake affair or complex connection

The Dog – combinations

The Dog is an easy-to-understand card. We all know what the Dog stands for. The dog is man’s best friend, he stands for loyalty. Now we assume that Martin wants to know what Katharina is doing with her friend and pulls the cards Dog + Lilies, then looks up the interpretation in the afore-mentioned book and it says: sex with a friend. The evening is over for him with this interpretation.

What else can it be. Lilies stand for support, peace, contentment. As Martin wants to know what the two of them are doing, we need a verb. There we have „to support, calm down, protect“. Perhaps her friend is having problems and Katharina will help her calm down or support her with a problem, with studying or with choosing a subject at University. It is not possible to find out what it is exactly, for that he has to pull more cards.

Back to the Dog. Here is a comparison of what the Dog can mean in the context of friendship and in the context of work.

Context Friendship

Dog + Lilies support a friend

Dog + Coffin end of a friendship

Dog + Heart a very emotional friendship

Dog + Bear a charismatic friend

Dog + Birds the friend is a singer

Context Job

Dog + Lilies support a colleagues

Dog + Coffin a colleague leaves the company

Dog + Heart a love affair with a colleague

Dog + Bear loyalty to a boss

Dog + Birds Stress with colleagues

Even if the terms here are not as different as in our example with the Moon card, the interpretations differ.

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