Individual advice

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Quit the job or stay?

Leave your partner or not?

No idea, how life proceeds?

Many of us need support and orientation when it comes to important decisions.

I can help to see clearer and to decide in the best way possible.

Like this you have the chance to stop pondering and are happy that you can become active.


Which questions can be answered with the Lenormand cards or Horary Astrology?

You are looking for ways out of your situation but you have no clue how. There are situations in life, where it is helpful to have a compass at hand or a map to orientate in the unknown terrain and find the best way for you and your life. We will have a closer look on your topics, what is important for you.

Which steps are possible and positive? What is happening in the background? How is my partner?…
Relationship questions

Romantic relationships, business relationships or just companionship – we can have a closer look on these. Even if your dream partner did not enter the scene yet, we can have a look on this. We can ask the cards or cast a Horary Astrology chart.

Job questions

You need sound information how things will developt, whether the time is ripe to start fresh and look for another job? These and other business topics with which you need to cope in your job we can examine and find solutions. Cards and Horary Astrology can provide help.

Future developments

You need deep insight in developments to be able to act as best as you can? We can have a closer look on your situation that you know where the journex goes to. I am looking forward to provied the proper impulses for you.

My approach

Which information do I need for a consultation?

How does it work?

I work with 3 different card decks: Tarot, Lenormand and Kipper but mainly I use the Lenormand deck. However there are questions where Horary Astrology is much better then cards. The mix of the systems provide deep insights in the topics. However there are questions where Horary Astrology is much better then cards. Especially when it comes to yes/no questions. I am a bit hesitant to use natal Astrology as when the time of birth is not exact then the results do not nail your situation. To verify the time or birth takes some time and cannot be provided within a normal consultation.

You want a general reading for the next 12 months? Or you want to have the focus on the job or private life, finances oder have another focus? The interpretation will be more accurate, if you let me know whether you are employed, have children, are in a relaionship. This is not a must but it makes the outcome more accurate and you probably do not want to waste time with querys to clarify these topics.

Live Session
I do your reading via Zoom or telephone and explain what the cards are saying.
Zoom is indeed the best opition. You can see how I lay the cards and can ask questions during the session. A small spread is sufficient for simple and less complex questions. 30 minutes are then probably absolutely sufficient. A Grand Tableau with all 36 Lenormand cards will of course provide more information and context. A Grand Tableau session will take approximately 60 minutes.

Here you can book a Reading

By Email
You send me your question or topic, the more precise the better. You will get an extensive interpretation. You can chose between a small spread and a Grand Tableau. For the Grand Tableau version you will get an interpreation with app. 1000 words. Depending on the scope of the question, you can decide for a detailed reading or a small reading.

Here you can get an Email-Reading.