How to find a good fortune teller

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

How to find a good fortune teller

Granted, it’s not that easy. There are many black sheep on the Internet. Some offer their services for a few euros only.

Seductive, but can that be?

Rather not. And what use is a card reader who is simply wrong? A good education and a lot of experience are essential. And purely intuitive interpretation of the maps does not provide the necessary depth. Intuition is the icing on the cake, a good system forms the basis. Some people hesitate. Card reading? Should i, should i not? Basically, have we not heard that this is all nonsense?

I think that is certainly due to the many interpretations of courtesy. By courtesy I mean when the dealer simply tells the client what he wants to hear Of course, that doesn’t help anyone, on the contrary, you run the risk of betting on the wrong horse.

I always say future interpretation is like a GPS for life. In traffic we don’t try to find our way without a map or GPS. Then why should we do that in life? Imagine you are driving with the GPS and it shows the comfortable motorway instead of the problematic pass road, but unfortunately the motorway does not lead to your destination. Pointless, right?

Right, such an interpretation doesn’t help. A good fortune teller will help you along the way.