Horary on Staarcon 2022, the international Tarot conference

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Horary on Staarcon 2022, the international Tarot conference

Recently I was invited to be a guest speaker during this event. adly this amazing conference ia already over. It was simply great, mind blowing. So many speakers, such enthuiasm. The conference took place in beautiful Florida in the United States. There were participants of the whole world listening to the presentations.

Unfortunately, I could not be there personally, things were just too uncertain. My husband and I were really looking forward to being there in person. I didn’t want to be in quarantine right when I’m supposed to be presenting. Maybe it will work out better next year and I can attend and have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people.

The conference was primarily about tarot and all its different facets. Sure, Christiana Gaudet, who organized the conference, is herself a Tarot Master and, as such, an amazing, gifted Tarot reader and teacher. If you want to learn tarot – Christiana is an excellent address and I would highly recommend her.

But it wasn’t just about Tarot in all variations, here is a small sample of the topics:

• The astrology of Tarot – Your Tarot Decan

Marion Kirk explained how the minor arcana governs the first 10 degrees of the birthday and how they affect decisions we make.

• The Beatles and Tarot by Frank Kwiatkowski (great by the way)

In this lecture, the 4 Beatles were compared to the elements of the tarot and how their songs are assigned to the individual tarot cards. arot can hardly be explained in a more entertaining way I would say.

• Interpret your Dreams Using Tarot

The lecture by von Mitchell Osborn and Brenda Elizabeth showed us how tarot cards can help us to decode our dreams. t was was also about finding a deeper understanding of the symbols and signs in dreams.

• Mediumship with the Petit Lenormand

Other card systems also came into play. Lenormand – which I also have in my repertoire – was well represented. Lenormand is not so widespread in the USA , because this divination system originated in Germany and consequently it is much stronger here. Nevertheless, the non-German speaking countries are catching up quickly.

With the use of theLenormand cards, Michelle Barrie showed us how the cards describe those who have sadly passed away, she could show us their personality, gender and ultimately their connection with us, as well as what message they have for us.

And….. as another future prediction technique or analysis technique, drum roll please…..:

• Horary astrology

Horary astrology is very different from natal astrology, even if there are normal horoscope charts using the very same planets as we commonly use in Horary Astrology. could show the conference attendees just exactly what horary astrology can do using real world examples drawn from my own experience. Whether it revolves around a relationship, finding the dream job, locating lost objects, horary astrology gives us the right information and unbelievably accurate answers.

I was amazed at just how many participants, but mainly those who are card readers, were interested in horary astrology, and what it could bring to their own readings.

Although, with Tarot, the affinity is fully understandable. Tarot has many elements of astrology within it.

I was extremly happy about the feedback I got. I have to say, I really had a lot of fun whilst making the lecture. I think that comes across well in the photographs here. However, Mercury, being retrograde at the time of the conference, had done a great job. A camera I was using broke down unexpectedly and shortly before the start of my presentation, aargh!!. Thank goodness I still have 2 other webcams to hand, so I quickly rearranged all the settings. But after all the initial glitches, things went really, really well. That’s I suppose is how it should be. Perhaps all this meticulous planning is completely superfluous. As the saying goes: the more precisely we plan, the harder fortuity hits us.

But I’m a Capricorn, so the preparation is usually pretty perfect, even although I don`t always feel it, and in a way I need this as it focuses my thinking. Fortunately, my Gemini ascendant then gets along well with all the breakdowns. Consequently such issues doesn’t shock me that much.

I found the feedback from the attendees so touching. I was so happy to have received it. I would like to present a few small excerpts here:

Fascinating – thank you

Thanks so much Birgit. Great presentation

In afterglow. Thank you, Birgit very interesting

I just finished listening to your session at Staarcon. I have been doing Astrology since BC Before computers .. .. The Horary chart is an amazing tool and you are a gifted astrologer ..

Thanks, Great presentation

Fascinating – thank you

In afterglow. Thank you, Birgit very interesting

And now since my book is almost finished, there have been many who want to know when it will be published. Well, a book is, as you can imagine, a huge project. I have been writing my book on horary astrology off and on for 3 years now with a few lengthy interruptions. I assume it will be on the market by the end of the year. First of all, it’s written in English. As my husband is Scottish I have the huge advantage of having an in-house proofreader (thank you dear). He is currently proofreading my draft and, I must say, my husband is very accurate. If you don’t want to wait that long, there are a number of courses I prepared in English readily available. I also offer 1:1 sessions for those who want to learn quickly and to have the opportunity to ask questions. Just text me.

There were of course even more very interesing topics presented at Staarcon:

• Incorporating Pendulums and Oracles into Ancestral Work

Nancy Hendrickson showed how she uses pendulums and oracle cards to contact ancestors.

• Healing with the Suit of Cups

Amy Mouser used the Chalice Cards to explain where our journey might take us. She then led us through a meditation designed to connect everyone to their own healing powers.

• Ogham Divination: A Connection with Trees as Spiritual Teachers.

Ogham is an old Celtic alphabet used for divination. Ogham also has a connection with mystical energies, especially tree energies.

• Runes (with John Hijatt)

• Palmistry (with Gita Rash)

• Veterinary Medicine (with Bernadette King)

I don’t even know where to stop. There were so many interesting topics. I’m still blown away – even although more than a week has passed.