Learning Horary Astrology

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

What is Horary Astrology and how can you learn it

Horary astrology is in German at times called question astrology. That brings us closer to the matter.

Most people know their zodiac sign, i.e. the sign in which the sun was at the date of the birth. This is natal astrology. But we can also create horoscopes based on questions. Insane? No. A question also has a date of birth and a question also has something like a fate. And we can read exactly this fate from the horoscope.

If we ask, do I get the promotion, then we go to the planets that symbolize us and the promotion. If the two planets meet directly or indirectly, this is a positive sign.

If the planet that symbolizes our colleague aspects the promotion first, then he or she will get the promotion. A horoscope not only gives us yes / no answers, but also provides a whole story about the question.

This is how horary astrology works. Of course, there are a few subtleties to learn. These subtleties are covered extensively in my courses. Horary astrology is not difficult (okay, most of the time), quick to do, and horary horoscopes are impressively precise.

Do you already have basic knowledge or are you a complete beginner? No problem, no matter where you stand, with the courses you will get to know and apply the horary astrology rules.

There are currently 3 courses, a 4th is in preparation. The courses are currently available in English at the World divination association.

The German version will be soon available here in the shop.

Here you will find the English courses.


Annette – USA

I just gotta say again how this class just rocked my world – amazing!

Ich muß zugeben, dieser Kurs hat mich umgehauen – unglaublich

Nancy – USA

Birgit Kiemes-Windmill has effectively presented in 5 video lessons and one significant handout, a complicated branch of astrology study to newbies and long-term students alike with amazing results, no small feat!!Congratulations Birgit, a truly awesome and remarkable accomplishment, and thank youI look forward to Level 2!!

Birgit Kiemes-Windmill hat in insgesamt fünf Videolektionen, zusammen mit einem hervorragenden Handout, einen komplizierten Bereich der Astrologie, Anfängern und auch erfahrenen Teilnehmern gleichermaßen, mit unglaublichen Ergebnissen, präsentiert, eine beachtliche Leistung. Danke und ich freue mich auf Level 2!!

Alayne – USA

This was a most amazing class and I learned so much – already registered for the second class. Am going to continue to review the info until then.

Das war ein sehr beeindruckender Kurs und ich habe so viel gelernt. – ich habe mich bereits für den 2. Kurs angemeldet. Ich werde bis dahin das Material nochmal durchgehen.

Rebecca – Tasmania

I don’t think I’ve exercised my brain so much in a very long time! It felt good to finally “ get it “ – that moment when a lot of things click into place!! I will continue to study and practice until work shop 2. Thank you.

Ich glaube, dass ich seit langem mein Gehirn nicht mehr so angestrengt habe! Es hat sich am Ende toll angefühlt, es begriffen haben, dieser Moment wenn es am Ende klick macht und alles klar wird!! Ich werde weitermachen und bis zum Workshop 2 weiterüben. Danke.