Horary Astrology – this is how it works.

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Horary Astrology – this is how it works.

Introduction to Horary Astrology – Live and here on the blog.

There’s a live introduction to Horary Astrology coming soon and I’m starting a new blog post series here. First to the live introduction. Soon it’s time. Yep. There is a conference on the World Divination Association platform. Introductions to a wide variety of areas are waiting for you – and all for free. Isn’t that great. Here are a few of the topics: Horary Astrology, Lenormand Cards, Kipper Cards, Runes, Tarot and more

And best of all – the introductions are all for free. Do not miss out. Register here and you can be a part of it. Don’t have time on the weekend? No problem, you can also watch the videos later, at least once you have registered.

I have been invited to speak about Horary Astrology. Make a note for this Saturday the 31st. At 14:00 CEST. You can find out more here – the conference is of course held in English.

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Horary Astrology – this is how it works.

Here on my site I am going to write a short series of blog posts on the subject of Horary Astrology. Come back and check my page once in a while. Here are a few topics which are waiting for you.

  • What is Horary Astrology – what can it do for you
  • How do you proceed – defining the question
  • How about the point in time – what do you take as birth time
  • Horary Astrology – an example of how to do it
  • Horary Hstrology and partnership issues
  • You have misplaced something – Horary Astrology can help you find it.
  • How do you find out what your boss thinks of you – that’s how it works
  • and much more.

Curious? – then stay tuned.

A real case: “How is my daughter at the moment?”

My daughter was traveling and, like all mothers, I was worried. Is she okay, is everything fine, has she enough to eat … I just can’t get this out of my skin. Of course, I could have simply sent a message “are you okay, everything okay?”. I wouldn’t have liked that when I was a teenager and I’m not Johnny Controlleti.

So I quickly made a horoscope for the question – I don’t want to annoy my daughter. The time at which the question came to me and the place where I was at that moment were the data that I had to enter. More on this aspect in another blog post.

Now I shall just show what is important in this horoscope.

The planets represent the people involved, so I have to find the planet that represents my daughter. All other planets are here irrelevant – that is why I do not show them in the chart. I don’t need the planet that stands for me. I have no influence on the subject – as I am over a thousand kilometers away. No matter how good or bad my planet is, that has nothing to do with the question.

So – which planet represents my daughter. We’ll find that out over the house. Each house has meanings assigned to it. The house that children belong to is house 5. Great. Now let’s see which sign is at the top of the 5th house. This is where we find Cancer. Cancer is the sign that shows two fish lying down. It looks like a 6 and 9 lying horizontaly.

Each sign has a planet ruler. For Cancer, that’s the Moon. So the Moon represents my daughter.

From the position I can now see how she is doing. There is a table with the dignities from which I can conclude how she is doing – I will discuss this in a later blog. Here I just want to show how an interpretation works. This table is from Ptolemy and was also used by the eminent Horary Hstrologist William Lilly. From this we can see that the Moon is really unbelievably good, it is even exalted. If I translate that to the situation, then she is doing incredibly well, she is probably jumping back and forth excitedly because she is completely over the Moon, she is doing so well.

Let’s go a step further. If I show you Uranus in the chart, then we see that Uranus has a great influence on the Moon. Uranus, the circle with the point and the arrow pointing upwards, is only about 1 ° away from her.

Uranus is the planet of electricity. That means, in addition to the exalted Moon, there is also the excited character, the electrifying nature of Uranus. She is so happy that she almost takes off. What more could a mother want.

If I had laid cards, I would probably have thought that I had laid my hopes. That’s the crux of the matter when reading cards. If a topic is important, the cards we draw seldom show the reality. I myself so often lay my worst fears or my greatest hopes. This is different with Horary Astrology. In situations like this, I only trust Horary Astrology. I get real answers there.

Okay – back to our chart. So she’s on cloud 7. I’m thrilled. She is not traveling alone, her boyfriend is with her. He has more of an influence on how she is doing. The partner, whether married or not, or even just a colleague, is always in the house opposite. As it is about my daughter and her boyfriend, I check the house opposite house 5. The house opposite House 5 is House 11.

Then we look there. At the cusp or tip is Capricorn. This sign, which looks like a V with a check mark, stands for Capricorn. Now Capricorn also has a ruler and that is Saturn. The arrow in the chart here points to Saturn. That is the boyfriend and Saturn is in its own house. That means her boyfriend is fine too, he’s not in that exuberant good mood because he’s not exalted, but he’s fine. In his position Saturn is in the detriment of the Moon. This is a term from the table of dignities. But it is also still within the term of the Moon. What does that tell us. Her extremely good and electrifying mood is probably a bit too much for him. He’s happy that she’s good, but too much is too much.

Later I asked her how it went that day and actually. She was so blown away that she couldn’t even sit still. I think we all know moments when we are almost bursting out due to our good mood, and that’s exactly what happened to her. Indeed, it was a little too much for her boyfriend. Not that he was angry, but the restlessness and exuberance were just too much for him.

That was a small example of Horary Astrology. s soon as you are familiar with the rules, you will have read such a horoscope in no time at all. One look is enough and everything is clear. Of course, a single look is not always enough. But very often it is quickly clear what it is about, how things are going.

The next blog article on Horary Astrology will come soon. Just have a look every now and then. This is going to be exciting. But be careful, at some point Horary Astrology won’t let you go.

At the moment my courses are available at the WDA – check it out. Here is the link.