Horary Astrology on Staarcon 2022 (Florida)

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Horary Astrology on Staarcon 2022 (Florida)

Staarcon 2022 in Florida

Yeah, Florida is waiting. I would have loved to go there in person – I was never in Palm Beach. It would have been amazing. Pitty Due to Corona it was just not possible. Too risky. Who knows how the regulations will change end of January. I would have loved to do the presentation in person at the conference. I really miss the direct contact with the audience.

What can you expect: I will do an entertaining introduction to Horary Astrology with lots of real Charts. You will be able to follow even with little or no knowledge in Horary Astrology. It will be fun.

What is Horary Astrology?

You want to know first what Horary Astrology is? Amazing stuff. We all know Natal Astrology but not only people have a birthtime from where we can deduct the future. Questions have as well a birth time and from that we can find out how a matter develops. Horary Astrology is therefore at times called Question Astrology. No matter whether we need to have a closer look on past present or future – Horary Astrology gives answers to our questions.

A potpurri from my practice:

  • When will I find my prince charming?
  • How will my self-employment develop within the next 2 years?
  • Will the exhibition be a success?
  • Can I fix the drain myself?
  • Will I Make Profits with Bitcoin?
  • Are we invited to the company anniversary?
  • Can i get the job

How does Horary Astrology work?

Unfortunately, Horary Astrology is not so well known anymore. That was not always the case. In the Middle Ages this was the method par excellence. Who knew the exact time or even the exact birthday at this time. Of course, the time of birth could be corrected from life events, but why investing the time? Horary Astrology is reliable, precise and faster. It didn”t matter if someone wanted to know if he or she would marry rich, live longer than their partner or just what the next harvest would be like – everything was possible with Horary Astrology.

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But there is more to Staarcon: tarot, oracle, pendulum, palmistry and, and, and. Tickets are available here.

I promise, it is worthwhile attending. The conference will be held in English.