Author: Birgit Kiemes-Windmill

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Horary on Staarcon 2022, the international Tarot conference

Recently I was invited to be a guest speaker during this event. adly this amazing conference ia already over. It was simply great, mind blowing. So many speakers, such enthuiasm. The conference took place in beautiful Florida in the United States. There were participants of the whole world listening to the presentations. Unfortunately, I could…
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Horary Astrology on Staarcon 2022 (Florida)

Staarcon 2022 in Florida Yeah, Florida is waiting. I would have loved to go there in person – I was never in Palm Beach. It would have been amazing. Pitty Due to Corona it was just not possible. Too risky. Who knows how the regulations will change end of January. I would have loved to…
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Horary Astrology – this is how it works.

Introduction to Horary Astrology – Live and here on the blog. There’s a live introduction to Horary Astrology coming soon and I’m starting a new blog post series here. First to the live introduction. Soon it’s time. Yep. There is a conference on the World Divination Association platform. Introductions to a wide variety of areas…
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Lenormand cards combinations

Why preprepared combination lists do not help Let’s imagine Mama Martina asks how her son Tim is doing at school and she draws the cards Lily + Bear. She looks up her interpretation book and it almost hits her: “Sex with an older man”!!! That can happen if you blindly trust interpretation books. We very…
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Lenormand timing – Horary Astrology/ Card reading

Predict the right moment – which technique works? Sometimes we want or need to know it exactly: When does he get in touch, when do I get the approval, when do I meet my Prince Charming, when do I find my key again, when, when, when? There are different ways to determine the time with…
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Difficult partnership – which 5 things you can do now

Many people know how that is: your partner is annoying, you no longer want to see him or vice versa, he is avoiding you. No matter why – it is weakening. You want a happy relationship, but how? Neither of you is ready to talk, you have holed up in the trenches and you don’t…
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Haven’t you wanted to experience hourly astrology live for a long time?

Now you have the chance to experience Horary Astrology live. And not only that, you can ask your questions and I will answer them live.  Ask what’s on your mind. When? On Nov 28, 2020 at 11:00 Where?  In the member group of the World Divination Association: WDA Members Group Horary Astrology Live

How to find a good fortune teller

Granted, it’s not that easy. There are many black sheep on the Internet. Some offer their services for a few euros only. Seductive, but can that be? Rather not. And what use is a card reader who is simply wrong? A good education and a lot of experience are essential. And purely intuitive interpretation of…
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What’s the point of combining Tarot, Lenormand and Kipper –

Mostly we focus on one system, either Tarot, Kipper or Lenormand. Mixing systems is rare. What is the point of combining Lenormand with Tarot and Kipper? By having a slightly different focus, they enrich the overall message. I like to use my pyramid spread. The top card is a Tarot card. In Tarot we can…
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Who is Madame Lenormand and why she has nothing to do with our cards

The Lenormand cards are named after the famous fortune teller Madame Lenormand. Is it really their cards? In all honesty, they are not. When these cards were first published, Madame Lenormand was very famous and above all dead. She had died shortly before and what could be more natural than to use this famous name.…
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