About me

Astrologie und Kartenlegen

Teacher for HoraryAstrology at the World Divination Association

Lenormand and Kipper Professional Reader (Certified)

Member of TABI – Tarot Association of the British Isles

Member of the German Astrology Association e.V.

Speaker at WDA conferences

Speaker at the Staarcon conference (Florida)

Admin of the astrology group of the World Divination Association

Teacher at the German Astrology society jubile Congress 2022

Key moments

I had my key moment over 20 years ago. I was bored with my job. “Is that it, is that all?” I asked myself. So I put my feelers out a bit. I needed a change, but the cards said no. Waiting was called for. After more than 7 months, the cards finally gave the green light. In fact, immediately afterwards, I stumbled upon a dream position on a job board. Wow, it was made for me and paid well. And sure enough, I got the job. It really paid off that I listened to the cards.
Questioning the cards has always helped me a lot and I would like to pass this help on to others. I do reading with Lenormand, Kipper, Tarot cards as well as Horary Astrology. If you would like to learn how to do it yourself, I can offer individual coaching and webinars in Lenormand and Horary Astrology.
The webinars are currently only available in English from the World Divination Association.


Over the course of time I first learned Tarot. That was around 30 years ago. Fairly soon after that I became intensely hooked on astrology and later completed a 2-year intensive training in Horary Astrology with John Frawley, London. I have been a certified Horary Astrology practitioner since 2006.

Then came the Lenormand and Kipper cards. Each technique has its strengths and I choose one or the other systems depending on the question. At times I even mix them to get the utmost out of a reading. How the cards talk to us is quite amazing and the results hit the nail on the head.

Meanwhile, I have to say that the combination makes it. It’s amazing just how precise predictions can be when we mix the systems. Madame Lenormand already knew this and also used astrology, maps, pendulums and who knows what else, that made her statements so accurate and so she became the most famous fortune teller ever.

And otherwise? Otherwise I love to paint and also exhibit. Strange as it may seem I started off as an industrial engineer and have worked as a counterfeit expert at the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation and for the industry.

We, my family and I live near one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Munich.