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You can have that. I can lay the cards for you or cast a horoscope.


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You are in a difficult situation at the moment and need some help from the cards.

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Learning Lenormand

You want to learn how to lay the Lenormand cards. I can show you how to do this step by step.

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Learning Horary Astrology

You find Horary Astrology exciting. I can teach you through video courses  how it works.

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Hi, I’m Birgit,

I know there are times that you don’t know what to do. You have no idea what to expect. Or you don’t know who or what is in your way. I can help you with that.

There is no reason to feel alone in the dark and to rack your brains on sleepless nights, we will look at the cards together and find the best path or solution for you. I have the answers to your questions – I am an expert in card reading.

Mehr zu mir

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

My session with Birgit was very intense and, above all, very informative about many connections and astonishingly precise. This enabled me to see more clearly and to adapt my actions well to my situation so that I could find progress and solutions.

I can warmly recommend Birgit. She leads her sessions with great knowledge, wisdom and sensitivity in connection with the subtle as well as the pragmatic.

Andreas D.


I was very satisfied with my card reading. Though it took a lot of courage for me to ask my question, Birgit guided me through a very eye opening session and I felt in safe hands.

I felt clarity about my future and relief. It was a rather powerful experience. I would definitely recommend Birgit. She read the cards for me with an enchanting, practiced skill. I will do it again soon. Thank you again Birgit!

Daniel Alexander

United Kingdom

Vor der Session mit Birgit war ich in einem großen Loch. So viele Zweifel und Fragen in Bezug auf meine Selbstständigkeit, gepaart mit Erschöpfung und gedämpfter Stimmung haben sich ineinander verwoben. Birgit hat eine große Business-Legung für mich gemacht. Und was soll ich sagen! Ich weiß wieder, dass es sich lohnt, so viel Energie in meinen Traum zu stecken. Das hilft mir, unbeirrt weiterzumachen.

Birgit gelingt es auch online, eine vertrauenswürdige, gemütliche Atmosphäre zu schaffen und liest die Karten mit einer unangestrengten Professionalität. Ich kann jedem ans Herz legen, eine Session bei ihr zu machen, der Klarheit sucht

Tanja Lipp


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